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Structure of a Film Song - Explained.

The top ten characteristics of a great song.
  1. An idea that has an original element. If it's already been done, it's not great.
  2. A common thread, musical and/or lyrical, that people can react to on a gut level. If they don't relate, it's not great.
  3. A killer hook. You need one line that sums it all up and concentrates the message and the emotion into one climactic moment; if there's no payoff, it's not great.
  4. A well-reinforced hook. The story should create a tension that peaks or resolves itself in the hook. Also people have to be able to remember what your song is called when they go to the record store to buy it OR call up the radio station to request it; if there's no build and release, it's not great.
  5. A great story, even if it's a simple emotional snapshot, needs to have something interesting to draw the listener in; if it's boring, it's not great.
  6. Real feelings. If it's fake, it's not great.
  7. Well-crafted lyrics that gets the story and the feelings across in a clear, accessible manner; If nobody understands it, it's not great.
  8. A catchy melody; one that is not only memorable, but also has prosody to compliment the lyrics; if it doesn't sing, it's not great.
  9. A performance and production that captures the essence of the song; even "stardust" sounds like a bad song when some tone-deaf tequila chugger tries it at karaoke night; if it sounds awful, it can't be great.
  10. A great publisher or plugger to get it cut; a song isn't great until it's out there doing its job., touching lives and earning money.
PS: Some valuable excerpts from a book that my Guitar teacher gifted me almost a decade plus ago.

We are mostly used to listening to the conventional 4/4 songs or perhaps 3/4 at times and/Or the fast lively and rocking 6/8 for the dance kind of songs in film music. 

But there is one more unique and beautiful time signature which sounds totally different and most of the composers in India have used it only rarely in their respective repertoire. 
Though the trained ears can identify them instantly it is not very hard to find for the common audience also If you listen to it with enough focus.

Here is kind of a playlist to listen to just in case if you are curious to know and understand how 7/8(Aka Misra chaapu in Carnatic terminology) sounds like. I only chose 25 songs from Ilayaraja's huge collection of creative works. 

1. 1979 - En Kalyana Vaibogam – Azage Unnai Aradhikkiren

2. 1979 - Ayiram Malargale – Niram Maradha Pookkal          

3. 1979 - Ninaithal Inikkum – Kalyanaraman  
4. 1982 - Nadhiyil Adum Poovanam – Kadhal Oviyam   
5. 1983 - Pon vanam – Indru Nee Nalai Naan

6. 1983 - Kalidasan – Soorakkottai Singakkutti

7. 1984 - Pottene Poo Vilangu – Poo Vilangu

8. 1985 - Venmegam Vinnil Indru – Nan Sigappu Manidhan

9. 1986 - Meendum Meendum Vaa – Vikram

10. 1986 - Manasu mayangum - Sippikul muthu

11. 1986 - Vaada Malliye – Kannukku Mai Ezhudhu

12. 1989 - Gangaikkarai – varusham 16

13. 1988 - Yaarai Kettu Nee Dhan – En Uyir Kannamma

14. 1989 - Om Namaha – Geetanjali

15. 1989 - Paattale Buddhi Sonnar – Karakattakkaran

16. 1991 - Pottu Vaitha – Idhayam

17. 1991 - Thendral Katre – Kumbakkarai Thangaiah

18. 1992 - Ilanenje vaa - Vanna Vanna Pookkal

19. 1992 – Kanakarunguyile Kacherikku – Pandi Thurai

20. 1993 - Kannale Kadhal Kavidhai – Aathma

21. 1993 - Anbe vaa arugile – Kili Pechu Ketka Vaa

22. 1995 - Veenaikku Veenai – Ellame En Rasathan

23. 1997 - Aruna Kirana – Guru (Malayalam)

24. 2000 - Isaiyil Thodanguthamma – Hey Ram

25. 2012 - Katrai Konjam – Neethane En Ponvasantham

Please do not miss to notice the similarity in this list.Am sure it intrigues your taste buds for music and rhythm in general.Enjoy and have fun with 7/8.