1. What is the minimum age limit for joining this online class? Minimum age is 5 and maximum is not a criteria. Learning is a never-ending process in life and cannot be deterred by the age in number if and as long as one's health supports.
2. Do we require any textbooks for an online course?
Not required. We will provide / suggest the subject materials based on the course curriculum.
3. Can I as a student cancel or reschedule a lesson?
Yes, with prior information by email or phone or WhatsApp.
4 What happens if the teacher has to cancel?
Generally we don't cancel / reschedule much as we are totally committed to this activity
but if and when such a situation arises, there will be prior information from the teacher to the student and the classes will be compensated.
5. How many classes do i need to take in a month?
It is usually advisable to take up 8 hours in a month for better progress and continuity though you can choose to reduce it to 6 or 4 hours based on your budget and availability.
6 How many years should i learn ?
It depends on primary factors like the subject that you choose, attendance, regularity in practice, interest / motivation levels and so on. But generally, there will be noticeably significant progress in your musical understanding and instrument playing in a couple of years.
7. How long do I require to practice everyday?
There is no upper specification limit on this yet a minimum of 30 to 45 minutes per day of practice is recommended for the basics and as you progress you might have to increase it a little bit like say 60 minutes per day or more. There is no short cut for hard work and it compliments your in-born talent. As an age old saying goes. "Skill comes first, Music happens next". 
8 What are the usual class timings?
We are flexible. Please discuss with us about your preferred time and we will do our best to work out a mutually convenient schedule.
9. Can I ask for some specific type of lessons?
Yes, after completing the basics like notation fluency and developing a reasonable rhythm and timing sense.
10. Does learning music help in my academics?
Absolutely. It enhances your concentration and memory power.
11. Is taking up music grade exams mandatory ?
No. But we usually recommend as it is always nice to have a certification. To add to this point, you get QCF credit points by doing grade exams which will help you get some exemptions in the requirement criteria when and if you want to go abroad for higher studies. Many of our students have felt this need and the importance of taking such exams though initially they were not for it.
12. What are the steps to join your online classes?
You can either call or WhatsApp on Mob : +91 99529 80040 or submit an enquiry through the contact form in our site, so that we can get started after an introductory discussion.